What do Chiropractors treat?

Chiropractors are best known for treating  back pain, neck pain and headaches. Common sprain/strain and sports  injuries also respond well to conservative chiropractic management. 

Will Chiropractic help me?

 The only way to know is to get a thorough  examination. Your first visit will consist of a consultation and  examination designed to determine if you are a good candidate for  chiropractic care. With this information we will talk about your care  and address all your questions.  

Will it hurt ?

Much has been written about the dangers  of chiropractic care. The truth is that it is probably the safest form  of health care available. Most of the problems blamed on chiropractic  are from undertrained non-chiropractors. Safety is one of the reasons Dr. Donaldson chooses the Activator Method as well as the 100+ research citations showing reliability and safety.

How long do I have to come?

Every case is different. We specialize in  short term care. Your care will be customized to your goals.  Chiropractic has a proven record of helping spine related problems. Our  goal is to return you to a pain free life as soon as possible. 

Do you accept insurance?

Many medical plans cover chiropractic care. Your specific plan can be evaluated at the time of your visit.